What Should Be Included In A Fall Auto Service Visit?

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We’ve talked about the importance of automobile maintenance in a prior blog post, but now we’re going to talk about how important it is to ensure your vehicle is ready for winter in Goshen, IN. Why do we believe you should bring your vehicle in for a service visit in the fall? We believe a vehicle should be checked to make sure it will run safely and efficiently in severely cold weather. Please allow Dave’s Auto Repair, LLC, to explain further.

Winter Breakdown Danger

In our last post, we discussed what you should have in your vehicle’s emergency kit and we included blankets in there. Getting stranded any other time of year isn’t as dangerous as getting stranded in the winter. The mercury dips as low as 17 degrees Fahrenheit in January, and if your vehicle breaks down, you won’t have the luxury of its heating system to keep you warm. Help generally comes quickly, but it doesn’t take long for hypothermia to set in in such frigid temperatures.

Winter Vehicle Precautions

We prescribe “preventative medicine” to avoid breaking down in the winter. The first thing you must consider when you think about getting your vehicle ready for cold and inclement weather is road-handling, because the roads in Goshen get icy and slick. Part of a fall auto service visit will include inspecting the tires, brakes, suspension and undercarriage. All of these things help you maintain control of your vehicle, which is prudent when you plan to commute during snowstorms.

If anything looks as if it could pose a danger to you this time of year, such as bald tires that won’t grip icy roads, we’ll recommend fixing the problem now rather than waiting until the cold snaps hit. This includes systems under the hood such as your radiator system. This system delivers antifreeze to crucial engine parts to ensure they operate efficiently even if it is 17 degrees outside. Antifreeze prevents the water in your engine from freezing up, which it will do once the mercury drops below 32 degrees.

Scheduling a fall service visit for your car, truck or SUV helps prevent accidents and breakdowns during the harshest time of year. You do not want to have car trouble when the temperatures are in the teens, so call Dave’s Auto Repair, LLC, at 574-444-0948 to schedule an appointment at our Goshen, IN, shop. We will isolate potential winter-driving concerns and fix them before they become a problem.

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